Summer, 1989

Editor: Rasheed Araeen

Arvind Sivaramakrishnan The Slave With Two Hearts: The Asymmetry of Cultural Assimilation
Michele Wallace Michael Jackson, Black Modernisms, and 'The Ecstasy of Communication'
Monika Gagnon Al Fannanah 'I Rassamah - The Work of Jamelie Hassan
Osvaldo Sanchez  The Children of Utopia [including; Tomas Esson, Consuelo Castaneda, Jose Bedia, Flavio Garcianda]
Ingrid Pollard Pastoral Interludes
Luis Camnitzer Ana Mendieta
Coco Fusco The Border Art Workshop / Taller de Arte Fronterizo - Interview with Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Emily Hicks
Kamal Boullata Facing the Forest: Isreali and Palestinian artists [also including 'An Isreal-Palestine Peace Treaty' by writers and artists]