Acker, Kathy: Time
Art Paper: "I put me on this train!" Qn interview with JOSEPH BEUYS
Crary, Jonathan: The Enigma and Melancholy of Nostalgia
Fahlstrom, Oyvind: SOMBA
Guerrilla Art Action Group: License Action (January 17-18, 1981) Who, me? I Don't Know Nothing...
Holzer, Jenny: Essays
Longo, Robert: EMPIRE: A Performance Trilogy
Mariani, Phil: An Interview with JEAN-MARIE STRAUB and DANIELE HUILLET
McMahon, Paul and Nancy Chunn: Song Paintings
Schuldt: Glory Gut
Stam, Robert: On the Carnivalesque
Wallis, Brian: Governing Authority: Robert Longo's Performance Empire