Catalogue in the format of an issue of TV Guide


Print Ads and TV Spots by Artists

Mercer Union, Toronto, 2009

Curator: Sarah Robayo Sheridan with Steven Leiber and Ted Purves

Note: A number of items from this Curatorial Collection were lent to the exhibition: including the book of stills and post card announcement for Keith Arnatt's "Self Burial", and the individual postcard announcements for Gerry Schum's exhibition "Identifications".

Arnatt, Keith 
Arnold, Skip
Battiss, Walter
Benglis, Lynda
Boezem, Marinus
Burden, Chris 
Buren, Daniel
De Vries, Herman
Dibbets, Jan
Douglas, Stan
Eller, Jim
Export, Valie
Fulton, Hamish
Gander, Ryan
Graham, Dan 
Hall, David


Kaltenbach, Stephen
Koons, Jeff
Kosuth, Joseph
Ono, Yoko
Ruscha, Edward
Tot, Endre
United Art Contractors
Weibel, Peter