WHITNEY BIENNIAL 1995 [aka. 1995 Biennial Exhibition]

Whitney Museum of American Art, 1995

Curator: Klaus Kertess

Note: This Biennial traveled to the Veletrzni palac in Prague to inaugrate the opening of the Czech Republic's new Modern Art Museum.

Partial List - Only Artists Included in This Collection:

Barney, Matthew
Douglas, Stan
Galan, Julio
Gallagher, Ellen
Jarmusch, Jim
Kelley, Mike
Le Va, Barry
Marden, Brice
Martin, Agnes
Opie, Catherine
Orozco, Gabriel
Resnick, Milton
Rhoades, Jason
Ryman, Robert
Serra, Richard
Sherman, Cindy
Thater, Diana
Tiravanija, Rirkrit
Wall, Jeff
Ward, Nari
Weiner, Lawrence
Williams, Sue
Winters, terry
Zittell, Andrea
Frieze, Summer, 1995